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Campaign: JUNE 2017



Get 2 x 5 L. FREE RINSE AID - when you buy your HOUNÖ Detergent Intense

Does your HOUNÖ oven needs a (re)fill of Detergent Intense and Rinse Aid? Do you want HOUNÖ special developed and enviromentally friendly cleaning assistance for your HOUNÖ oven? And do you want to save money and have your Rinse Aid for FREE?

We have now combined our recommended cleaning package for you, who want a perfect clean oven - every time!

As standard your HOUNÖ oven comsums 3 part soap (INTENSE) for 1 part rinse (RINSE AID). In this cleaning package you receive:
3 boxes DETERGENT INTENSE (6 x 5 L.) + 1 box RINSE AID (2 x 5 L.)

HOUNÖ gives you 2 x 5 L. FREE RINSE AID, when you buy your HOUNÖ Detergent Intense.
The campaign is only valid when you buy 6 x 5 L.  DETERGENT INTENSE.
The campaign is vaild untill 15.07.2017.

Normal price: 194,00 EURO.

HOUNÖ special price: 156,00 EURO.



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When have you last changed the water filter on your HOUNÖ oven?
- And do you know the hardness of your water?

The new HOUNÖ PROTECT MANUAL is now avalible. Here you can learn more about EASY and FAST replacement  of the filter cartridge, test of your water hardness and much more.